Design Bits Trailer

A short introductory episode to the design bits podcast.

Hello and welcome! This is Design bits – a short-form podcast about product design musings and methods.

My name is Todor Panev – I'm a designer and throughout each episode of this show – in 15 minutes or less - we're going to explore how we build digital products and try to become better practitioners.
The show is going to be based on series and each series is going to have it's own topic that we're going to explore for a couple of episods.

In series one we're going to take a look at how we measure the effectiveness of design, discussing things like the counting clicks, NPS, subjective feedback, biases and more. For the series after that, I'm going to curate the topics based on feedback – looking at what worked well, what was interesting and what could have been improved.

The first series will start in January 2021, releasing at least one episode a month.

This podcast will not include ads or feature any sort of sponsored content. If you like the show you can support me on Patreon or share it with a friend who might also be interested.

Thanks for listening!

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